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What can you do?

What can you do?

over 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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If you are interested in helping Safety4Good  (S4G) and one of our portfolio charities, but don't know what you can do, take a look at the below examples provided by our team.

How to raise money:

- Sponsored sports match - rugby, football, badminton, tabletennis, water volleyball etc

- Marathon... whether it be a marathon of films or a proactive 5 mile run, ask someone to sponsor you

- Volunteering - helping your chosen charity, selling merchandise, raising awareness, adding joy to people's lives

- Cake sale... not only will you be a very popular colleague, but this idea is a remarkably successful method to raising money quickly

- Raffle or competiton - this is a fun and engaging way to fundraise which is suitable for family, friends and colleagues

- Facing your fears! This idea is niche, but could help you gain a reputation for being strong willed as well as helping to raise money for good causes. An example of this is if you are afraid of heights, skydive, if you are afraid of spiders, hold one.

- Steps challenge - challenge your team to a competition, who can do the most steps within a week? Winner gets a prize and everyone else donates.

Don't forget, S4G also accepts donation of time. When you donate your time to either your chosen charity or one from our portfolio, we will record the number of hours spent per person and record the difference your dedication has made to an organisation.