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Helping the Homeless of Derby

Helping the Homeless of Derby

over 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock


Following the launch of Safety4Good, one of the first examples we received as to how humbling and dedicated to giving safety professionals are was from Mark Meakin, Head of Health and Safety at DMW Environmental Safety.

Mark contacted us in reference to time that he has given to the Derby City Mission Charity, who are are a Christian charity founded in 1989 initially as a debt advice service. They now offer many services for people in crisis and support them via their homeless night shelter. 

Mark helped the charity during December 2017 up until April 2018 by volunteering to make breakfast for the homeless community on a fortnightly basis. 

He is also planning to support the breakfast initiative again this year from 2018 - 2019, however, is now offering to provide health and safety training and he will be reviewing risk asssessments and the fire procedures as well.

This is a wonderful example of how your time can change the lives of so many people as well as the organisations dedicated to helping people.

The health and safety community are selfless givers and we are very proud to promote Marks hard work.

To support Mark and the Derby City Mission, please visit their website