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Helping the community - Ringwood Summer Sounds

Helping the community - Ringwood Summer Sounds

over 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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We recently received a fantastic example of a health and safety professional helping out a local organisation with their industry knowledge. 

When adding value to a charity or organisation, your time is just as effective as monetary donations. This was certainly the case when Karl Simons assisted in ensuring the safety and risk evaluation of a nearby school's summer festival.

When Karl found out that the Head Teacher was having doubts about proceeding with the event due to all posed risks, he volunteered to offer his advice and skillset to make sure that the day went ahead.

A small act of kindness and a few hours of his time meant that the school could proceed with their event, 'Ringwood Summer Sounds'.

This story highlights the generosity and willingness to help that health and safety personnel carry as an attribute.

If you want to help the Safety4Good foundation but you don't know what you can do, take a look into your community and understand what you could do both personally or professionally. If you would like any assistance with finding an organisation to assist, please let us know and we will match you to a local charitable organisation.