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Helping the Salvation Army at Christmas

Helping the Salvation Army at Christmas

about 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

Salvation Army

Christmas is a time that generally people look forward to and enjoy and cherish with their family and loved ones.

Unfortunately, this isn't a reality for everyone. Countless people such as the elderly, those in need, and the homeless community spend Christmas alone and in undesirable situations. 

Claire Saunders, Head of Health & Safety at Essex University and a supporter of Safety4Good, spent some of her Christmas volunteering with the Salvation Army to provide Christmas dinner for around 80 people who otherwise, would have spent christmas time alone.

Her act of kindness brightened up the lives of all of those people, making their day special and memorable and giving those people the opportunity to make friends and enjoy themselves. Claire sent us this story to encourage others to contribute. She said she got a huge amount of gratification from the process and genuinely made some good friends. Claire also was reluctant for us to mention her name as she wanted the story to be about the needy not about her. This is typical of your profession of selfless givers (but we did talk her into using her name - well done Claire). 


This is just one of the many stories we received over the Christmas period where health and safety professionals gave up their time to help those in need.

If you would like to do something similar, let us know and we will contact a local charity for you. 

If you would like to tell us about something you've done to help your community or what you plan to do, we'd love to hear so please contact us on info@s4g.org.uk.