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Lands End to John O'Groats - Moped and Monkey Bike

Lands End to John O'Groats - Moped and Monkey Bike

about 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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We are now only days away until Simon Bliss - Trustee and MD of Principal People, sets off upon his monumental journey from Lands End to John O'Groats (the real deal with rain, sweat and tears, not in office!).

Simon will start his journey on Sunday 7th April and he alongside his 'posse' will be travelling via monkey bike and moped. As you can imagine over a countrywide route, he will be faced with all sorts of weather conditions, exceptionally beautiful scenery and i'm sure he will have many weird and wonderful stories to tell from the experience.

This gruelling journey is in aid of raising money for a portfolio of charities which include Great Ormond Street, MIND, and the Grenfell Tower via (Heads Together). As well as raising money for those exceptional charities, Simon is passionate about raising the profile of Safety professionals and the great work that they undertake every day to support their communities and society as a whole.

The New Year is a perfect opportunity to make a difference, let's combat any negative portrayal of the Safety industry, it is a remarkable and passionate profession.

Support him today, whether you're donating money or sharing his adventure, all help is appreciated.

To get involved via donation: