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Tough Mudder 2019 - Principal People

Tough Mudder 2019 - Principal People

about 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

Tara And Oscar

This year, the team at Principal People are raising money for Safety4Good through the gruelling, muddy and labour intensive adventure that is the Tough Mudder!

Having previously tackled the Tough Mudder in 2018, we aim to get more team members involved this year in the hope of raising an admirable sum of money for Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Get behind us by supporting GOSH through Safety4Good.


Not only is it an intensely fun challenge and a great team event, but it is a perfect situation to support and lend a helping hand to team members. On reflection from 2018, every participant mentioned they experienced a moment where they didn't think they could succeed an obstacle if it were not for the assistance of a colleague.


Last year we based our challenge for our Operations Directors son, Oscar, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. SMA is a rare genetic disorder which causes muscles to atrophy over time. Very sadly, this devastating disease is the biggest genetic killer of infants in the UK.

SMA type 1 affected children, have historically had a 5% chance of survival past the age of 2. Most type 1’s are never able to sit unsupported and never develop the ability to crawl or walk.

Due to Great Ormond Street and the incredible work they do, Oscar along with many other children across the world, has had access to the first drug of its kind as a treatment for the symptoms of SMA. In November, he turned 3, sitting for 12 minutes unsupported on his birthday!

Not only are Great Ormond Street hugely personal to us at Principal People, but the work they do as world class health professionals for children is unprecedented. 

Great Ormond Street Hospital for children need to raise £90 million each and every year to contribute to life changing research, vital equipment and facilitate much needed redevelopment.

Pictured above -  the Principal People team after completing Tough Mudder in 2018.