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Our Mentoring Programme

Our Mentoring Programme

about 4 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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Are you looking to progress your career within Health and Safety OR make a difference to the industry by helping others to gain essential skills and knowledge?

Progression in any career can be a real challenge. Many of us have gained skills and experience through close proximity to a supportive manager who has invested time and resources into our development.

In the Health & Safety industry, sometimes this is more challenging. As Health & Safety professionals only make up 0.1% of the UK workforce, finding a supportive manager or mentor can be diffucult. Many smaller organisations only employ a standalone Health & Safety professional, so gaining this guidance can be ardous if you report into Operational or HR departments.

Safety4Good is looking to support and match supportive Health & Safety Leaders and Managers with more junior and less experienced candidates who are looking for that guidance.

If you are keen to enhance your skills within the industry and be mentored - please click here to read more. Alternatively, if you are looking to provide mentorship to others within the industry click here for more information.