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My first 3 days in Peru

My first 3 days in Peru

over 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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From first landing in Peru you are overwhelmed by the altitude and near vertical hills, streets and steps. This combined with the small streets bustling with hundreds of people weaving between quick moving traffic is definitely an experience to be remembered.

On my first day I started exploring the city, met the family I will be staying with, started to learn about the culture and met the class I will be teaching. 

The class is run after school purely through volunteers as the students cannot afford to pay for lessons. So far we have discussed what they need to learn and begin to forward-plan the lessons with the young adults. I am extremely excited by their enthusiasm and positive attitude toward bettering themselves and their family’s lives. 

Besides this I have travelled to some of the landmarks of Peru including Cristo Blanco. Cristo Blanco is a large statue of Jesus towering over the city. It took me one hour to hike the near vertical hills littered with crumbling steps. Several rest stops later, I got to see the sheer size of the historic city. This further made me enthralled to be a part of helping a small part of the community.

Thanks for Principal People’s support.