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Reminder - EHS Professional Enhancement Webinar is at 1pm TODAY!

Reminder - EHS Professional Enhancement Webinar is at 1pm TODAY!

over 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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We are now only hours away until the EHS Professional Enhancement Webinar!

Our presenter Bruce Durham will be asking you a few questions throughout the webinar so be ready with a pen and paper to get as much out of the webinar as possible.

It's not too late to register and tune in. Follow this link to sign up, it takes less than a minute

Overview of the session:

What is it? 

A free webinar based around creating a safe space for EHS professionals to grow, share knowledge and support each other.


As EHS professionals we can stretch ourselves trying to help everyone else, often leaving our own needs at the bottom of the pile! Due to the language and perception that can be attached to EHS, many EHS professionals carry self-doubt about how they fit in to the wider business, how people really perceive them and how much value they actually deliver. This engaging and interactive session will give you some excellent ‘high impact’ psychological tools to use immediately, which may enhance your current thinking around what you ‘do’ and how you ‘do it’.


To support and enhance EHS professionals to be a better version of themselves.

Benefits of session 

Be a happier and more confident EHS professional, see your real value within the wider business, be more impactful with your communications and action.