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Safety, Health and Wellbeing Workshop led by Anker & Marsh - reserve a seat today!

Safety, Health and Wellbeing Workshop led by Anker & Marsh - reserve a seat today!

over 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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On Friday 15th of November, Safety4Good are holding a Safety, Health and Wellbeing Workshop led by HSEQ Leaders, Jason Anker and Tim Marsh. This workshop is useful for HSEQ practitioners at all levels – from Graduates to Director / Head of positions.

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In recent years, the world of safety and health has changed dramatically with unanimous agreement that a holistic and integrated approach needs to address wellbeing and mental health as well as safety if true excellence is to be achieved. This applies to individuals, safety and health culture and to organisational culture generally Human error reduction often falls under the banner “holistic risk management” and errors are simply less likely if an individual is flourishing “You but on a good day” as the adverts would have it. More than that, latest research shows that “ can upgrade no matter how old you are.

Tim and Jason have worked with around 1,000 organisations. Tim has written several best selling books on the subject and presented at major safety events around the world describing how this can be practically applied by individuals and organisations (It’s really all about blue pies) Jason, long regarded as Europe’s pre-eminent inspirational safety speaker, has recently addressed the world of positive psychology and wellbeing with a new talk “it’s not about the fall, it’s about the bounce” Jason describes how his mental health suffered badly after his fall eventually leaving him in a coma from which he was lucky to recover. His description of his recovery, based on adopting positive thinking and habits, is utterly inspirational. First, he learned to breath properly... 

Whether you’re a director charged with developing a global Human Error reduction / HSW strategy or just a young person starting to make their way in the world we promise you’ll find this session useful, indeed inspirational.

FREE for all under 25 ’s For others, please contribute 20 to Safety4Good’s charity choice MIND via our website link https://www.safety4good.com/charities/mind