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Become a Koala Protector through Safety4Good with the WWF

Become a Koala Protector through Safety4Good with the WWF

over 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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Even without these fires, trees are being bulldozed and land cleared at an unprecedented rate. Koala populations have declined by a staggering 42% over 20 years alone and the koala is at serious risk of becoming extinct in both NSW and Queensland. You can become a Koala Protector with a suggested donation of £25.

To say thank you, you will receive:

- A personalisable digital certificate will be sent to you via email showing you’re helping to protect the future of koalas.

- In the coming months, we'll send you an update on how your vital donation aided the response, recovery and restoration of koalas and their habitats.

More than 10 million hectares have been burnt, and this number continues to climb. That’s the equivalent of 40% of the entire UK. Over 1.25 billion animals are estimated to have been killed either directly or indirectly by the fires, including 30% of the entire koala population in mid-north coast of New South Wales.

Your support will -

- Provide emergency funds to care for injured koalas

- After the fires clear, helping restore homes for koalas and other wildlife, planting the first 10,000 trees urgently needed in koala habitats

- Support in the response, recovery and restoration in any other way we can

- Crucially, fund our other essential work around the world including tackling the climate and nature crisis