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COVID-19 - Think SMART

COVID-19 - Think SMART

almost 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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How are you coping with COVID-19?

It is a worrying and difficult time for everyone, especially for key workers and those on the front line in our amazing NHS.

It's really important for everyone, whether working or not, to take great care of their mental health during this time. 

Most people will be watching the news a lot more frequently than they previously had which is fine, but if it is making you upset or overly scared, reduce it to only a few times a day.

A big cause for conern is false news. Normally spread across social media, untrue information can affect a huge amount of people very quickly, causing them to worry and further pass this misinformation on.

Try and keep up to date only with reliable sources, such as from the World Health Organisation.