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Helping during the pandemic - Social Housing Recruitment

Helping during the pandemic - Social Housing Recruitment

almost 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock

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In a world currently brimming with uncertainty, many of our Safety4Good supporters have gone above and beyond to help. 

Safety4Good has previously described the Health and Safety profession to be a 'community of selfless givers' and now more than ever we have seen this put into place. We have seen so many stories across our professional network as well as social media platforms describing both the working and furloughed H&S practitioners who are actively looking to help, offering consultative professional advice and getting stuck in with local community based work whenever they can. Again and unsurprisingly, reinforcing our statement solidly.

Like the Health and Safety community, the furloughed staff from Social Housing Recruitment have also been keeping busy giving back. Read below about what Becky has been up to so far during her time on furlough


As her colleagues in Social Housing Recruitment are well aware, Becky's brain is automatically wired to help, provide for and encourage people. She is a brilliant recruiter who is praised mostly for taking the time to understand her candidates needs and requirements and showing faith in absolution in the people that she represents. 

Currently Becky, like many others, is on furlough. Becky has once again illustrated to us how remarkable she is in the efforts she is going to in order to help those around her.

Becky has signed up to be an NHS volunteer, meaning that whenever the NHS require someone desperately, she could provide assistance. Making the NHS staff's jobs less pressurised and helping to save time and lives.

As well as that, Becky has started a sign language course, has been shopping for her parents and elderly grandparents and she has also kindly been knitting hearts for patients who cannot see their families during the pandemic (as part of this appeal). 

What an incredible person. There are thousands of ways to help your community and the NHS during this pandemic, whether it be donating to a cause, learning a course, shopping for the elderly or even just spreading positivity to your friends and family on social media - what you can do will make a difference so get involved!