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Helping the NHS & Key Workers during the Pandemic - Joanne's Story

Helping the NHS & Key Workers during the Pandemic - Joanne's Story

almost 3 years ago by Jessica Bullock


Joanne has worked alongside Safety4Good on many occasions now, having helped out with our events and marketing.

We recently saw that she posted an article on LinkedIn detailing how she has been supporting the NHS and Key Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Joanne is a selfless giver and has been offering her skills and hours to help the people who really need it right now. A real hero!

Read below her story:


Got up early this morning to speak with Chris Goreham at BBC Radio Norfolk about my experience using my volunteering hours I get whilst working at Aviva to help the hashtagnhs and hashtagkeyworkers.

I explained that I wanted to get involved and help as I know that local hospitals and care homes are crying out for PPE. I had seen that people were starting to make crocheted ear protectors and thought I could use the volunteer hours to make them. Now, I don’t crochet but I’ve had a sewing machine which has been collecting dust for years as I’ve never used it. So, I thought I would dig it out, learn how to use it and have a go at making some ear protectors. I started off by making a couple for my next door neighbour who is a senior nurse in the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital ICU to see if they would be of any use. She asked if I could make a lot more as she could take them in to the wards that need them. So I set to work and have been making them ever since. I’ve had so many people reaching out to me from hospitals and care homes – I’ve made around 100 over the last few days and will continue to make them until they’re not needed.

Joanne Frost, Aviva - 29.04.2020


Thank you for sharing this story, Joanne. It is an incredible act of kindness which is helping to SAVE LIVES.


If you would like to volunteer to help the NHS or your community, please follow this link: