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One Million Lives

One Million Lives

over 2 years ago by Jessica Bullock


One Million Lives

In partnership with visionary leaders within this space, Safety4Good are supporting an INCREDIBLE mental health and wellbeing initiative - One Million Lives (

One Million Lives is a free mental health check in tool, which allows all users to assess their current state of mind whilst also providing suggestions for improvements to each user. The tool is completely anonymous, and it has been purposely designed to be so in order for all users to feel comfortable in answering honestly and openly.

So far, One Million Lives have had over 5,000 users ‘check in’ and this number is growing daily. This year has been tough for the majority of us and we wanted to use our platform to introduce you all to this initiative, as we know that it could make a difference to your life as well as that of your friends, families, co-workers or even an online social media connection. 

To check in, please resister here -

We would really appreciate the support of our community in spreading the word of this fantastic initiative and we’re asking you kindly to firstly, check in yourselves and then secondly, share the One Million Lives initiative within your own networks – professional or personal.

If you would like to discuss One Million Lives in greater detail or learn how you could help this scheme further, please reply to this email or call us on 01252 759 162.