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What is our aim?​

A generous act gets noted

We challenge those who underestimate Health and Safety professionals.

Safety4Good is an active campaign which is dedicated to representing the Health and Safety industry, empowering it and aiming to ensure its growth in popularity and respect in the eye of the general public, business community and in the media. 

Make a difference by donating time, money and encouraging awareness - this is how, with your help, we plan to do it:

  • Donating time ​- to worthy causes and charities to enable their activities
  • Donating money - anywhere up to a day’s net pay (or an hour or two) to one of our chosen portfolio of good causes​​

By donating your time or a days pay to either a charitable organisation of your choice or one from our chosen portfolio, you will be helping to raise the profile of Health and Safety. We have chosen a broad portfolio of charities and hope that one of these captures your interest. All donations of time and monies will be consolidated on the website to encourage your colleagues to join in. A successful campaign will reinforce the message how much good our profession delivers. 

Our mission in promoting the industry has been motivated by our positive experience with Health and Safety professionals but also by noticing how countless times safety has been negatively portrayed in the media, extinguishing the passion that health and safety personnel carry as their positions are mocked. We think it's time for a change, don't you? ​