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Bruce Durham

Professional Coach and Trainer specialising in HSE

Bruce is a Chartered Safety Professional and holds an MA in coaching, with over 2500 accredited coaching hours delivered over the past 15 years.

He has worked across many industries (on and offshore) and coached from CEO and Senior Leadership Teams across to employees at the ‘value add’ side of the business. As well as being a consultant, Bruce had the privilege of being the Lead Safety Coach across UKIE for one of the world’s largest engineering companies, and then as the Lead Safety Coach across Northern Europe and the Middle East, for one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies.

Due to a very personal story that resulted in a tragic event impacting on his family, Bruce brings a unique energy and an explorative line of education that both challenges and rewards clients he supports in equal measure.

“I offer no answers, just suggestions and ideas that allow you to stop, pause and think”.