James MacPherson

Health and Safety Podcaster and YouTuber

James is a regular Health and Safety professional, but with one very strange hobby. In his spare time, he hosts a health, safety and wellbeing podcast and YouTube channel called Rebranding Safety. Born out of frustration of over complicated systems and safety ‘gone mad’ practices and perceptions, James took it upon himself to publish his opinions and conversations for you all to listen to. The podcast has grown fast within the first year, providing in-depth discussions with many people of influence within the industry, including Jason Anker, Louise Taggart, Rachel Butler and Andrew Sharman, alongside his solo episodes where he thinks aloud for your listening pleasure. James’s authentic style alone challenges the stereotype, with his self-deprecating humour and passionate shouting into the microphone (not to mention the swearing) resulting in him being described as a “hip young gun slinger of health and safety” and “professionally unprofessional” Rebranding Safety has also been pegged as “a down the pub style podcast”, so rip off your hi-vis, snap the clip boards in half and check out Rebranding Safety.