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John Boyle

Group Head of Health and Safety

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Why you work in Safety:

I started out in the chemical industry with ICI and I saw the impact that a proactive and commercially minded safety professional could have so I made the decision to move from operations and engineering into the safety team and I have never looked back. For over 20 years I have had the pleasure of working in a leadership role in health and safety, in a wide range of large companies, often in high risk industries in a diverse variety of sectors. I am currently Group Head of Health and Safety and Greencore plc


A statement you live by:

Safety enables what we want to safely, it is not about stopping what we want or enjoy doing. Through understanding, planning and control anything can be achieved.


Why you’re supporting S4G: 

The safety profession and the professionals are often misinterpreted. S4G will help raise the profile of good H&S, the good work the professionals do and help change the perception of H&S.