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Jonathan Hughes

Global Health & Safety Lead at Turner & Townsend

Global Health & Safety Lead – Turner & Townsend.  Vice President – IOSH.

About you:

I am the global lead for Health & Safety at Turner & Townsend, where we have 6,300 people in 110 offices from Fiji to San Francisco. I also lead our commercial H&S training team, and provide strategic advice and executive training to clients. I am also an IOSH Vice President.  

Why you work in Safety:

So people at work now, and then my children, and everybody else’s, can learn and work in a healthy and safe environment for generations to come.

A statement you live by:

Make a positive difference. Leave something in a better condition than when you found it.

Why you’re supporting S4G:

To help raise the profile of the amazingly positive things that H&S professionals do to make the world a healthier and safer place to be.