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Tim Marsh

Managing Director of Anker & Marsh

Prof Tim Marsh, then at UMIST, was one of the team leaders of the original UK research into behavioural safety (in construction) in the early 1990s, is one of only a few Chartered Psychologists who are also Chartered Fellows of IOSH. He is considered a world authority on the subject of behavioural safety, safety leadership and organisational culture and was awarded a “President’s Commendation” in 2008 by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and was selected to be their first ever ‘Specialist Fellow’ in 2010. The British Occupational Hygiene Society asked him to give the key note opening ‘Warner Lecture’ at their annual international conference in 2013. In 2014, he gave a key note to the Faculty of Medicine and gave the closing key note at the inaugural Campbell Institute ‘International thought leaders’ conference. He gave the opening key note address at Safeguard New Zealand (May 16) and was key note at the inaugural NEBOSH Alumni event.

Founder of Ryder Marsh Safety, he has worked with more than 400 major organisations around the world, including many international oil and gas, utility, chemical, transport and manufacturing organisations as well as the European Space Agency, the BBC, the National Theatre and Sky. Many clients have won both open and in-house awards. He has presented to the European Conference Board and was an expert witness at the “Safety Culture” and “Management of Change” expert forums at the Cullen Inquiry (Ladbroke Grove). As a continuation of the UMIST/HSE research he founded and ran Europe’s largest behavioural safety event for fifteen years from 1997 until 2012 (when it was handed over to LexisNexis via RoSPA).

He ran the “Behavioural Safety” and “Pro-Active Safety Culture” courses for IOSH and created the award winning “Affective Safety Management” concept for the IIRSM. The book of the same name is now one of Europe’s best ever selling safety book – as is the second of Tim’s books “Talking Safety”. Recent books include “Total Safety Culture”, “Safety Savvy” and “A Definitive Guide to Behavioural safety”. Previously a visiting lecturer at Manchester University and Loughborough University.

He has chaired more than a two dozen conferences on Behavioural Safety in the UK and has given key note speeches at major conferences in places such as Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, USA, New Zealand and India. As well as writing dozens of learned articles for magazines such as the ‘Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP)’, ‘Health and Safety at Work’, Safety Management’, ‘Construction Safety’, ‘Safety International’, The Ergonomist’, ‘Exposure’ (BOHS) ‘India Safe’ and Safeguard’ (New Zealand).

The SHP is the magazine of one of the world’s largest safety organisations (IOSH). Four times a year they publish a prestigious ‘CPD’ article and (when researching Total Safety Culture) Tim had 5 articles selected as the CPD article in a two year period. This run helped cemented his reputation as one of Europe’s leading thought leaders in safety.

He has worked with media such as the BBC (radio work and selecting and fronting a box set of their “disaster” series) and has written and produced many safety training videos such as “Drive Smarter” and the extensive “Safety Leadership” series with Baker-media as well as such as “There’s Always a Reason” (for Human Focus) and “Safety Watch” (for Outtakes). He also produced and directed the ‘Crash Course’ DVD (a commercial spin off of the Staffordshire Police speed and safe driving awareness course. He recently facilitated and chaired the Dong Energy hosted “Wind Power Energy Safety Master Class” conference in Copenhagen.