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One Million Lives

One Million Lives is a free mental health check in tool, which allows all users to assess their current state of mind whilst also providing suggestions for improvements to each user. The tool is completely anonymous, and it has been purposely designed to be so in order for all users to feel comfortable in answering honestly and openly.

So far, One Million Lives have had nearly 10,000 users ‘check in’ and this number is growing daily. The ultimate goal of One Million Lives is to start a movement that reaches over one million people globally by:

  • Equipping people with a tool to understand and improve their mental health, creating ripple effects as we encourage sharing it with friends, family and colleagues.

  • Encouraging open conversation about mental health and knowledge sharing to reduce stigma

  • Creating a legacy that people are excited and proud to be a part of

In partnership with visionary leaders within the HSEQ space, Safety4Good and Principal People are supporting this INCREDIBLE mental health and wellbeing initiative - One Million Lives (

We hosted a webinar to help spread the message of One Million Lives within the Health and Safety community, to view the recording please press play on the YouTube video below.