Recycling Lives

Who are Recycling Lives?

Recognised as a UK leader for combining business, and charity Recycling Lives is an organisation specialising in recycling and waste management that supports and sustains charity programmes for offender rehabilitation, residential support and food redistribution.

Their charity, the residential accommodation for the homeless, is sustained financially by their social enterprises which consist of the HMP Academies, Food Redistribution Centres and community cafes. Recycling lives operate in recycling, recruitment, compliance and waste management and directly support both the charity and social enterprise. A company not reliant on grant funding or public money, their charity and social enterprises teams can focus on their core objectives: to support the homeless, reduce reoffending and support charities by redistributing food.

Last year alone, Recycling Lives took over five sites across the UK and hit a landmark achievement at their Food Redistribution Centre, which was serving 1 million meals. 

If you would like to support Recycling Lives please Virgin Money or call 0800 900 5500.