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The purpose of Safety4Good is to raise the positive profile of the excellent proactive work that Health and Safety professionals do to protect and serve their communities and colleagues within their chosen organisations and sector.

In the past, we have seen that the media, the public and even some colleagues have either misunderstood the motivations of the Health and Safety profession or been downright derogatory about their role and contribution.

We are on a mission to dispel this misunderstanding and to ensure that the media, public and the workforce know that Health and Safety people enable, not block, procedures and process for the common good.


Health and Safety practitioners are a community of selfless givers.

By coordinating this natural trait and passion, we aim to contribute significantly to worthy causes by giving in 3 distinct ways: 

  • Mentoring -

    donating time to Mentor junior and new entrants (especially armed forces) to the profession who dont have access to a senior safety professional in their current role. Health and Safety professionals only make up 0.01% of the working population and many report into managers without any safety qualifications. Getting the right coaching and mentoring from a safety professional could really enhance their productivity, impact and progression in their career

    • Donating Time-

      to worthy causes and charities to enable their activities to proceed OR Donating Money -to one of chosen portfolio of good causes


Get involved in raising awareness by registering your support today. Contact us today on

We would love to hear about what you or your team are doing to help this cause.