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Safety4Good Webinar

EHS Professional Enhancement Webinar

Be the ‘best version’ of you

12th September - 13:00 - 30 minutes 


To support and enhance EHS professionals to be a better version of themselves. 

As EHS professionals, we can stretch ourselves trying to help everyone else, often leaving our own needs at the bottom of the heap. Lots of EHS professionals carry doubt about how they fit in, how people really perceive them and how much value they actually deliver. This session will give you some excellent ‘high impact’ psychological tools to use immediately, which may enhance your current thinking around what you ‘do’ and how you ‘do it’. This will be really valuable for a team CPD session as well!

What can you gain from the session?

  • How to be a happier and more confident EHS professional
  • Understanding your real value within the wider business
  • Being more impactful with your communications and actions

Webinar Presenters

Simon Bliss - Founder of Safety4Good and MD of Principal People - LINKEDIN

Bruce Durham - Professional Coach and Trainer specialising in HSE - LINKEDIN

Please register by clicking the LINK HERE, which is where you can also see the background of the award winning EHS professional delivering the session, Bruce Durham.