The Principal People Foundation

Who are the Principal People Foundation?​

Founded by Simon Bliss, The Principal People Foundation are a new charity organisation supporting Safety4Good.

Ably supported by HSE Leaders Dave Stevenson and Liz Skelton, the Foundation's key goal is to encourage passionate and committed people into the profession. We are keen to encourage those leaving the armed forces, college and university, and those who are looking to find a meaningful career.

For more information on career advice,  mentoring services and potential funding click here ​​

About us, who we are and what we want to do

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Pictured above is Simon Bliss, MD of Principal People and Founder of Safety4Good.

Simon is supporting the profession to flourish by encouraging new entrants who are seeking a new purpose and have a genuine passion to make a difference.​


Liz Skelton, Director of Health and Safety at The Guinness Partnership, is a Trustee of Safety4Good.​


The Principal People Foundation have an aim to encourage more personnel from the armed forces to join the health and safety industry.

We have seen a wealth of talent from the military and seek to encourage more on this path, help them gain the correct qualifications and match them with suitable roles to help them learn and develop essential skills.


Dave Stevenson, Global Director of Health and Safety for Dyson, is another of our Trustee's. Dave is ex forces, and a wonderful example of what can be achieved from a positive career change.


At Principal People, we often get people contacting us for advice as to how to progress in the safety industry. Many don't have the relevant experience or the right qualifications. 

We are offering dedicated advice on how to access the profession and assist with resources, including education and potentially joint funding they may need to get started in HSE.


The Principal People Foundation want to help graduates who have just achieved their qualifications obtain a role within a company where they can demonstrate their skills and abilities and maximise their potential within the industry.​

We aim to match the best new entrants with suitable health & safety mentors who can advise and support their career path.

If you are GradIOSH or above and want to offer your services as a mentor, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at info@s4g.org.uk