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Virgin Money

About Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving has partnered with Safety4Good to simplify our donation process for our supporters, enabling us to raise as much for our portfolio of charities.

If you are passionate about a charity that isnt within our portfolio presently, please contact us on and we will contact you, giving you the opportunity to make a difference for whatever cause you would like to support.

About Virgin Money

Virgin has spent the last 40 years finding a better way of doing things. For the past 10 years that's included putting that passion and experience to good use, with Virgin Money Giving, with an ambition to help every UK charity raise the money they need to make everyone better off.

So far they have helped over 14,000 UK charities and 650,000 fundraisers raise more than £640 million online. A £10 donation goes further with us than JustGiving. 

If you want to find out more about Virgin Money, click on their logo above.​